About Us


Indian Bow Tie Company is an exclusive brand based out of Jodhpur, India. We offer you a wide range of hand-made bow ties. We’re a bunch of people just trying to provide a solution to anyone looking for the perfect bow tie for any occasion.  

Men these days are metrosexual in taste and have become extremely experimental with styling. One such man, Ankit Saboo is the brain child behind IBTC. This fashion savvy guy loves sporting bow ties with almost any attire. His love for bowties took him to various malls and boutiques across India. 

And when he was dissatisfied with the lack of variety available, he decided to start a brand completely dedicated to bow ties.  

Why buy a bow tie?  

- It’s a fresh change from regular ties. It is as formal as a tie but maybe a notch higher on the class scale.    

- A bow tie makes for a cute and thoughtful gift. 

- You like to experiment with different looks and like the idea of a bow tie. This applies for men and women both. 

- You’re just bored.


Why choose IBTC? 

- Every product at IBTC is hand-made with love and precision. We give quality priority. 

- You can customize designs in terms of fabric, colour and details.  

- We innovate and create products in such a way that every time you wear an IBTC bowtie, it looks fresh. 

- Although we’re open to customizing other products like waist coats and pocket squares, our loyalty lies with bow ties. 

- It is the only brand in India that gives you such a wide variety to choose from and delivers within a week.